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THE ABRAZA CLARIFYING ESSENTIALS (Cleanser backordered until early May)

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$125.00 $127.00

For Acne Skin.

Abraza Essentials are the foundation of your skin routine. Cleanse—Tone—-Exfoliation are essential to maintain clean pores, prevent blemishes, and maintain skin health.

Exfoliate with AHA/BHA power of glycolic, salicylic, & lactic acids with brightening power of licorice root and Vitamin C.


  • The Hydrating Cleanser (AM & PM)
  • The Hydrating Phyto-Toner  (AM & PM)
  • The Anti-Blemish Pads (AM 2-3 times Weekly)

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The Hydrating Cleanser

The Hydrating Toner

The Anti-Blemish Pads

1.2 lb

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