About Us

About Our Founder

Pronounced AH-BRAH-ZUH
Spanish. Noun. Embrace.

Dr. Natasha Welch, DNP                     

Nurse Practitioner

Natasha Welch is the founder of Abraza Skin Studio. She’s been a nurse practitioner in all specialties of adult cardiology and emergency medicine for 19 years before joining the field of medical aesthetics and permanent makeup. Her inspiration came after acquiring physical injuries and facial scars due to a near fatal car accident. She lost her left brow and acquired keloids. She underwent multiple plastic surgeries and aesthetic procedures. Her “Aha!” moment occurred in 2009 when she had her left brow permanently tattooed. It was a life changing moment and began the healing process for her self-esteem. Subsequently, she had lasers, microneedling for scar revision, microblading for brow touchup, botulinum toxin type A treatments, and platelet rich plasma for a thinning hair line. She knew, first hand, how these procedures made her feel and how successful they were in the healing process. While working overseas in the UAE, she began her new career journey and decided to dedicate her career to help others heal and increase their sense of well-being.

In 2017, Abraza Skin Studio Medical Spa was opened in Atlanta, GA and in 2018, the second medical spa location opened in Silver Spring, MD.

After selling another popular medical grade skin care brand, she quickly saw that it was packed with unsafe and allergic ingredients such as hydroquinone, dyes, and fragrance. In 2018, Abraza Skin Care clinical grade skin care products was launched. It addresses the most common concern of melanin skin---hyperpigmentation without dangerous steroids or hydroquinone. She knows as a clinician that skin is our largest organ, therefore safe and effective ingredients are a MUST!!

Our goal at Abraza Skin Studio is to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty, challenge the status quo of beauty standards, heal our scars, and embrace our imperfections.   -Dr. Natasha Welch

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Science:
Hampton University

Master of Science in Nursing:
Howard University | Awarded “Most Outstanding Academic Achievement” School of Nursing

Doctor of Nursing Practice:
Augusta University

Microblading Certification:
Oliyah Joseph Beauty and Training Centre

Permanent Makeup Primary Training:
Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics

Aereola and Scar Revision Training:
Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics

Blood Borne Pathogen Certification:
Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics

Botox and Filler Certification:
Empire Medical Training Institute

Platelet Rich Plasma Certification:
Empire Medical Training Institute

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner:
American Credentialing Center

FAAM, Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner:
State of Georgia Licensure

BLS/CPR Certified